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597 Series


Starter Sockets

The 597 Series starter socket is formed from phenolic (black) or Urea (white). For mounting, housing may be tapped with a No. 4-36 thru or with .125 dia thru. Two holes located on 31/32" centers are used for mounting to a flat surface.

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.597 Starter Socket

The 597 series starter socket may also be mounted using a variety of steel zinc plated brackets.



660 watts, 250 V


UL File No. E-18121; CSA File No. LR95423.



Black phenolic


Copper alloy


9" (201.6 mm) long, 18 AWG stranded and tinned, " stripped leads wires std. Rated AWM 600 V, 105C (221F). Longer lead lengths are available. If not specified the lead color shall match the housing color, Consult Sales Department.


.597 Series
Part No.



#4-36 Tapped Thread. #4-36 x 3/8"
(screws supplied in bulk)


#4-36 Tapped Thread. #4-36 x 3/8", 4" leads
(screws supplied in bulk)


.125" Dia. Clearance Hole


.125" Dia. Clearance Hole with 7/16" housing thickness


.125" Dia. Clearance Hole with 7/16" housing thickness, 23" leads


.125" Dia. Clearance Hole with 7/16" housing thickness, 24" & 9" leads


with L bracket


with SCL bracket


with SCLS bracket, 12" leads


with SCLS bracket, 27" leads


with S bracket, 4" leads


with SC bracket


with SC bracket, 4.5" leads

Packed 400/ box.
KULKATM Brand Wiring Sockets from Voltarc Technologies, Inc.